Material Name:POLYPHEN


Noun explanation

Polyphen is a rigid thermal insulation foam, which combines good mechanical properties with high fire resistance. It can be used in a wide range of applications including sandwich panels, lagging of pipes, ducts and tanks as well as residential and commercial general construction.

Excellent insulation properties

Excellent external wall insulation materials, can make the building significantly to reduce energy consumption, more efficient, thereby effectively reducing the use of building energy consumption.

Fire Performance

Unique composite microstructure achieves a good fireproof resultSurface carbonized in a fire after the fire attackNo flame spread, self-extinguishing away from the fire,no smoldering embers,no dropping.Protect the integrity of the overall structure, effectively prevent the flame, no shrinkage, no collapse.Set aside enough time to escape through the flame retardant characteristics of the materials, make construction and the safety of users to be effectively protected

Good physical properties

Material itself has good physical characteristics, bonding effect is firm and lasting after compound with inorganic materials.Good dimensional stability, applicable to climate temperature different north-southSophisticated construction technology, so that most of the labor can operate.Reduce labor costs and accessories cost in the construction.Improve the security and robustness of the wall in the building use, and effectively protect the useful life of the building.

Commercial construction value

With FM certification qualification.It has an affordable price in the materials of same fireproof and thermal insulation propertie.Characteristics of the light can effectively reduce the building load-bearing, and reduce the overall cost of the structure.Good insulation properties can significantly reduce energy consumption during use, provide building safety, energy conservation, environmental protection and good functionality.

Market applications

1.POLYPHEN applied to the FM Approved color steel sandwich board , FM certified insulation core material, the ordinary color steel sandwich panel core material, the cold plate core material, marine sandwich panel core material, steel housing system……

2.PPS used in building insulation board system, the core material of the interior wall system, fire doors, pipe insulation materials, composite insulation board……

New Material Polyphen is a rigid thermal insulation foam



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